Project Dissemination Activities

Broad dissemination of findings regarding interventions and initiatives that can improve care for the growing senior population is an essential aspect of this project. Our dissemination work entails knowledge exchange collaborations with academic and research institutions, healthcare associations, medical groups, health systems and others. Dissemination activities range from creation of Resources including practical tool-kits, articles, reports, issue papers, and relevant links, to a topical Bibliographies Series, and Events such as symposia and workshops designed to stimulate the sharing of information and best practices in an interactive learning environment.

Whether targeted to patients, families, health executives, clinical directors, care management personnel, or others, our goal is to advance development and implementation of effective strategies to enhance patient engagement, care effectiveness and system efficiency.


Project-related outputs, such as reports, issue papers, fact sheets, and research links are an important aspect of the Improving Healthcare for Older Adults project.

  • In February 2014, the Center has produced a Special Report entitled Use of PAM-13 to Test Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Data Collection in a Medicare Population  As part of the SCAN-funded Improving Health for Older Adults project, our research team worked with a sample of HealthCare Partners patients to test the feasibility of using this emerging technology to collect data aimed at enhancing patient care and population health. The pilot study supports the feasibility of IVR data collection, noting in particular its low cost compared with other survey methods. The Special Report highlights unique challenges and key findings in IVR survey research and provides detailed survey results.  PAM-13 is a registered Patient Activation Model developed and validated by Insignia Health.

Bibliography Series

As part of the Improving Healthcare for Older Adults project, the research team has been conducting searches of the literature on an array of project-related topics. The resulting series of curated bibliographies provides a valuable starting point for researchers, policymakers and healthcare professionals interested in becoming more conversant with the current literature. To access topical bibliographies, visit our Bibliography Series page.


Population Health Management: From Data to Delivery (November 13, 2013)

Solutions-Oriented Approaches to Improving Healthcare for Older Adults (June 20, 2013)