Center Working Papers and Reports


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Archives (2006 and earlier)

California’s Emergency Departments: Do They Contribute To Hospital Profitability (2003)
California’s Emergency Departments: System Capacity And Demand (2002)
Evaluation of the Los Angeles CalKids Program: Full Report (2002)
Emergency Departments in the Health Care System Use of Services in California and the United States (2002)
Emergency Departments in Health Care System: Use of Services in California Counties (2003)
The Emerging Consumer Driven Value Revolution in Health Care (2004)
Inpatient Utilization by Dual Medicare-Medicaid Eligibles in Medicare Risk HMOs and Fee for Service, California 1991-1996 (2004)
Is Managed Care Still an Effective Cost Containment Device? (2005)
Marginal Cost of Emergency Department Outpatient Visits: An Update Using California Data (2005)
On Call Physicians At California Emergency Departments: Problems and Potential Solutions (2005)
Statement of Glenn Melnick, PhD on the Uninsured before Congress of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means (2004)
Strategies for Improving Latino Health Care in America: Report of the Latino Task Force (2006).
The Effect of Medicare HMOs on Hospitalization Rates for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (2005)